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We are Suravi Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, at Malabe in Sri Lanka, Manufacturing and Distributing preserved fruits, Vegetables and Herbal products. Our product brand name is Alora

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) has been agricultural country since time immemorial. Although Sri Lanka is a fertile tropical land with the potential for the cultivation and processing of a variety of crops but some of them are seasonal. In Sri Lanka So many methods were used to preserve food items in order to use in off seasons. Having realized those historical methods, we initiate harmonizing them with modern techniques and dehydrate food instead of Sun drying also we scientifically preserve foods in brain and sugar. Additionally we are devoted to value added and processed food. As a result, we thrive in processing our products totally exclusive of traditional defects.

Our dehydrator machine techniques is air-conditioning Low-temperature dehydrated superior quality Sri Lankan Agro product with unaffected Nutritional & Medicinal values Taste aroma and color.


  • Provide Excellent Reliable and friendly Service
  • Commitment to integrity, fairness and responsibility
  • Have a great team and a winning culture
  • Availability of non-toxic food
  • eco-friendly and responsible to the environment


Become a world-renowned company in the future by offering a range of delectable non-toxic natural and traditional foods that maximize the nutritional benefits to the local and foreign community.


To be a leading producer for high quality, nutritious, organic traditional vegetables and fruits products in dried or processed and preserved form using  advance technical equipments To build up long term relationship with farmers with a view to enhance their living standards. While providing a favorable environment to the employees, accomplished by way of environment friendly produce while reaching the point of sustainable economy and exceeding customer’s expectations



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