Verified Supplier Badge
Verified Badge
What is Verified Supplier badge and how to get verified

Suppliers are verified of the business registration, address of the production facility and identification of the owner of the shop. Suppliers are required to submit Business Registration documents, Address Proof by way of electricity or telephone bill and Driving Licence of the Shop Owner. These documents will be checked with relevent authorities and a PIN will be mailed to registered Address to get verified and activated the badge.

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SilkPorts Trade Assurance Badge
What is SilkPorts Trade Assurance Badge and how to get verified

SilkPorts Trade Assurance Service is a hassel free buying process for SilkPorts customers when buying online specially for the first time from an unknown seller. You can read more details from this link SilkPorts Trade Assurance Service. If a supplier is registered under Trade Assurance, SilkPorts assure whether the product quality, product quantity and shipping method are as per the agreed terms in between supplier and customer before shipping the items from port of shipment or by mail/ courier. If the customer decides to pay through SilkPorts, we would release payment to supplier when we approve supplier's shipment and approved by customer.

There is fee for Trade Assurance for each shipment depend on the verification program. For small orders, 5% from total amount of order (Items+Shipping) up to 499USD. For orders higher than 500USD, 5% of total amount of order (Items+Shipping) + actual cost of third party verification will be charged. If we use 3rd parties for verification in terms of technicality and access to restricted areas, the actual bills from 3rd parties will be be charged for any shipment irrespective of Order Value, however you can check with us for the cost estimate for third party verifications before the order. You need to ship in coordination with us for us to check the quality, quantity and shipping method before you ship. Trade Assurance is available only for Suppliers with Verified badge. Your profile will show Verified badge and Trade Assurance Badge together.

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