Ceylon mountain knotgrass organic Aerva Lanata Herbal Tea

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Mountain knotgrass tea bags contains Crushed Dehydrated Polpala (Aerva lanata); 100% Pure Polpala leaves well cleaned and dehydrated with superior quality, nutritional & medicinal values. It is generally used in the treatment of lithiasis, cough, asthma, and headache and as an antidote for rat poisoning.

Most common healing value of Polpala is not just used for kidney and urinary tract infections, but also for people with urinary stones. In the past, a remedy for many aches and pains was to boil it in medicine and apply it on the scalp and boil it in a steamer.


A weed like plant that grows wild everywhere in the plains of Sri Lanka. The root has a camphor like aroma. This plant has been used in many cultures as a treatment for kidney and urinary tract infection because of its diuretic an diuretic properties which increase the filtration properties of the kidneys and kill germs.

Most common health benefits being the lithontriptic and antilithic prescence that gives the plant the power to destroy stones in kidneys and bladder. It also protects both the skin and the body from pathogens. It helps in getting relief from pain and inflammation, destroying parasitic worms and reducing sores and injuries on the skin, behaves as a medicinal tonic., increases memory power, as a treatment for diarrhea and hemorrhages, an effective for neck and back pain, fever remedy, urine problems and regulates body metabolism. In addition, it also found to be a treatment of many health problems like Anemia, Alzheimer, Arthritis, Cholesterol, Diabetics, lung problems, bone problems and also blood circulation.

1 Tea Box has a 20 tea bags (polpala tea cut)

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25 Boxes of 20 tea bags,30 Boxes in a master carton

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