Chamomile Moringa Tea

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Product – Chamomile Moringa pyramid tea bags

• Type - dehydrated Moringa leaves & Dry CHAMOMILE Flowers

• Packing – 20 bags x 2g (Nett weight – 40g)

• Ingredients:    100% Pure and Organic MoringaLeaves With CHAMOMILE Flowers

• Packaging Details - stand up pouches with Zip Lock

• Food Specifications - Caffeine Free, Gelatine Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, No artificial Coloring, No artificial Flavoring, 100% natural

What is Moringa

The Moringa is a flowering plant in the family Moringaceae. The size of these plants vary from tiny herbs to huge, drought-resistant trees. The most common of these is the species Moringa oleifera, And most nutrient-dense foodsavailable Rich in vitamin A & C, potassium, magnesium,calcium, protein, Iron & 8 essential amino acids




Chamomile ( or Camomile) is a flowering herb, Its look like a tiny daisy, with a yellow central disc surrounded by delicate white petals, Chamomile is more fragrant than similar flowers, giving off a gentle floral, almost applelike aroma that is very relaxing. For this reason, and due to its many reported healthbenefits, chamomile is popular in herbal teas and aromatherapy.



Processing :  

Our pure Moringa tea is a finely-processed natural Moringaleaves with a nice taste and aroma. It is harvested directly from the Moringa Oleifera tree which is native to Sri Lanka.

Dehydrated Processing:  

Our dehydrated Herbs are a real treat for the ultra-healthconscious customers. No preservatives, colour or sugar are added in the processing of our dried Herbs. They are processed under high standards and the products are not subjected to too much heat as in conventional drying. As a result, best flavour, colour and nutrient qualities are retained to the maximum.


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MOQ 50 packets
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Shop Location Angoda 10620, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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