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Our Cinnamon Poweder are made from true Ceylon Cinnamon and we have 50g and 100g packs in a zipped pouch

Little about Cinnamon

Cinnamon powder comes from the bark of tropical, evergreen trees. In order to harvest cinnamon, it’s peeled off of the inside of the bark of the tree. Ceylon cinnamon may sometimes be referred to as “true” cinnamon. You’ve probably sprinkled cinnamon on foods like toast, rolls, and desserts. But cinnamon has uses other than for topping sweets, including improving your health. 

Here are some key points about cinnamon.

  • Cinnamon has been used medicinally for thousands of years and is known for its health benefits.
  • You would have to eat very high amounts of cinnamon powder to experience any dangerous side effects.
  • Studies have shown that cinnamon does have an effect on blood glucose levels in those with type 2 diabets.
Price USD 1.4-1.5 50g & 2.55-2.65 100g / Pouch
Payment Terms Advance Payment, DA/DP, LC, Part Advance and LC
Trade Terms CIF, CNF, DDP, EXW, FOB
MOQ 100 Pouches
Shipping Cost
Shop Location Dehiwala 10350, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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