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Craft world located in Mahanuwara, Sri lanka. Craft world is aimed of producing handcraft items from recyled news pappers. We are good at what we do, our finger tips are our machiens and our products are so much of enviromentally friendly items.

We work in partnership with artisans from to add value to their handcrafted products them into commercially. we are developing small industries.we also create many jobs in our business for women.

Every items we made here created by rolling up discarded news pappers. We colour them with natural colurs. We do not produce in larger facotries, Our products are made by the poor female community in our area.Back To Earth uses a wide range of nature’s discards to create a rare and natural selection of hand crafted produce. The forest floors of Sri Lanka are, however, not the only source for raw material. Handmade recycled paper is also combined to play an integral part of the wonderful and endearing collection. 
We manufacturing recycled handmade crafts newspaper bowls, bins newspaper & recycled paper bags.

These bowls and table mats are made from strips of rolled up newspaper,  handmade in Sri Lanka. which have been  dyed many plain or bright colours. They are held together with simple craft glue. When dry, the glue turns clear and creates a strong protective bond that makes these bowls surprisingly sturdy. An ingenious and ecological way to use up old newspapers. These medium bowls can be used as small food  baskets and attrctive home designs , or dressing table organizers for cosmetics, bangles and any jewellary so on. Not suitable for anything wet,

Every product is made by women with their own hands. All of our products have the same inherit qualities. They represent our country, Sri Lanka with their earthy colours, they are made by traditional craftswomen, and they are made with care using sustainable materials and eco-friendly.


Our employees are mostly rural woman in the Kandy area. They do this paper craft as a small business. Every product is made by women with their own hands.Recycle papers  are mostly used & recycle paper are sourced from the surrounding ares.

we are mostly manufactured paper bowls,paper mats,pencil holders & etc.

  • Excellence
  • Eco-friendly
  • High quality
  • No environment pollution
  • Having use natural colours
  • Being recyclable

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