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“Dunhinda Natural Products are manufactured from the hand-picked sap extracted from the inflorescence of wild kithul palms (fishtail caryota palm) grown in Badulla district, Sri Lanka maintaining its pure natural wild flavor. Our establishment aims to maintain and uplift the kithul palm tapping tradition in Sri Lanka and also to support low-income communities that involve in the industry over a period of time. We produce kithul treacle and jaggery products, which are natural and chemical-free products, with no additives or preservatives. Thus, these products are promoted as a healthy-local alternative to the granular sugar”.

Our shop moto is Towerds a Healthy Society.


Better wellbeing of all those engaged in the kitul industry through an altitudinal change  & fulfillment of societal & environment needs.


To uplift the living standards of the rural community engaged in the kitul industry by providing employment opportunities to supply high-quality-value-added kitul products & inctesing production capacity using modern technology.

Why You Should Buy Our Products

Inherent Flavor

In order to maintain the natural flavour of the products, only pure “kithul” treacle is used as an ingredient during the manufacturing process.  No artificial colours, flavours, sugar or preservatives are added for any of the products.

Long Shelf-Life

The products are free from harmful microorganisms due to the safe and appropriate sterilization processes adopted under well hygienic conditions during manufacturing.

Quality Control Methodes

  • Follow appropriate sterilization methods
  • Measure & maintain appropriate PH values
  • Measure & maintain appropriate brix values
  • Maintain & follow well hygienic practices



Food is a key factor impacts our health. We always believe more natural products ensure the healthiness.

Hence, always bring you chemical free premium quality products.

We are not just a one business. All the farmers & trappers who are in our supply chain represent the real values of Dundinda Naturals producrs.


We were achieved many achievemants from Dundinda Naturals products.They are GMP Certificate ( Pending ), LO GI Certificate

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