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Green kriation company located in Rathnapura, Srilanka. Green Kriation  is aimed of producing wooden kitchen items from wood. We are a family owned business and focus on high quality finish in our products. We are committed to serving our customers with our utmost commitment Honesty And Trustworthiness. 

Green kriation company products are so much of enviromentally friendly items.we were achieved many achievemants from green kriation products.They are Certificates including Incorporation, Products certificates, Quality Certificates, Process Certificates, Awards won. 


Green kreation is machien crafted teek woods kitchen products. There are no paint are involved and our products are polished with natural substances like coconut oil to bring the shine on the surface. We do not produce in larger facotries, Our products are made by with good materials.

We manufacture wooden trays, coffee trays, knifes and many kind of kitchen items. These can be produced in according to buyers specifications.

Teak wood is mostly used to make these wooden trays, knifes & Mortar and pestle & other kitchen items. These are made by thoroughly cleaning the wood and systematically processing it under proper quality control. The wood is then dried. After the wood has dried, they are machined from according to fit the relevant shapes.Then clean them again and polished with natural substances like coconut oil. Because of this allow to can be keep safely for long time without any damage. Each of these products are as finished in to sri lankan kitchen matching essential and useful for kitchen. 

Wooden kitchen items don't quickly heat to scalding temperatures, chemically react with acidic foods, or scratch pots and bowls, as their metal counterparts do not as harmful to the body as plastic does. therefore, wood based products are most suitable for use in the kitchen.

Environmentally-conscious individuals can choose wooden utensils with confidence. wood is natural and renewable resource and more environmentally responsible choice. we can help save our enviroment by using this kitchen utensils that are made from renewable , biodegradable and non- toxic substances.However, research suggests wooden items are safe to use in your kitchen. Green kriation wooden products are always built with sustainably sourced or salvaged wood to minimize deforestation so does not create environmental pollution.


Another benefit of wooden kitchen tools are that they look attractive and elegant. The creative and artistic design of wooden  items adds a beautiful accent to your kitchen. Wooden kitchen items are available from green kriation according to the specifications required by the buyer. It is another  service available to buyers from Green kriation.

As a material, wood offers many environmental benefits that matter to communities across the country. Using wood also helps keep carbon out of the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change. Trees store carbon dioxide as they grow. After harvest, wood products continue to store much of this carbon. An abundance of valuable natural wood and skilful craftsmanship gained through years, sets Sri Lankan wood products suppliers apart from the rest. Designed with grace and functionality in mind and built to last generations. 

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