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Company Introduction

Ceylon Craft Bank located in Sri lanka. Our company is aimed of producing handmade traditional fancy items from recycled coconut - shell & wooden etc. Our products are so much of enviromentally friendly items. We are developing small industries mainly tourism industry. We also create many jobs in our business. Sri Lankan Crafts are combination of the traditional & modern items of beauty with utility. Semi-mechanized products are the combination of the state of the art technology from both East & the West. Final artistic touches are given by the deft fingers of the expertly skilled hand. And also the talented craftsmen make ready - to- make products according to the design given at internationally competitive prices. Creativity creators in our ceylon craft bank , they are producing our products under the highly standers and our sri lankan traditional culture. Ceylon craft bank directly linked to the tourism industry, it also has a direct impact on the tourism industry. Our aim is to try hard to move forward.There is a high demand for such natural creations in the tourism industry. So we make a small contribution to the economy of the country through our organization. It makes us proud as a business.

Our Purpose

" Improve & make our creations with the changes that we think need to be made to maintain the tradition."

Our Handmade Products

We are mostly focused wooden Sanni Masks & coconut shell statues. These products are handmade designs. Sanni masks are used for gift items, home decor & wall hanging. These sanni masks formed  in srilanka dance culture.

Long before the advent of western medicine, Sri Lanka had its own indigenous system of medicine and ritualistic healing.In the ancient times, people in Sri Lanka believed they fell ill because various dark spirits—or demons—invaded their bodies. Because of this belief, various healing rituals with the purpose of expelling these demons were conducted. Commonly known as thovil in Sinhalese.The sanni masks are mainly used in healing ceremonies and worn by an edura (a sort of Sri Lankan artist/exorcist). Apparently, there are eighteen different Sanni masks, each specializing in curing specific illnesses.

There is an opinion in the sri lankan culture that it is a good thing to keep such masks at home. Today, masks are used in home decorationand as a gift. Some of these masks are created in our Ceylon craft bank. They are,

  • Deva sanni mask
  • Butha sanni mask
  • Gini Jala sanni mask
  • Pith sanni mask
  • Beard Pissu sanni mask 
  • Maru sanni mask
  • Vatha sanni mask,   etc.

In addition we are producing handmade coconut - shell statues in many various designs. They are well polished, mostly used for home decor and gift items. There is a high demand for such natural creations in the tourism industry.

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