SilkPorts English for Young Project

SilkPorts English for Young Project

SilkPorts English for Young

SilkPorts aims to be a social enterprise by its mission. We at SilkPorts strive to be the pioneer marketplace which goes beyond traditional match making and involve in activities which is before and after matching for growth and social benefits. We vision to be in partnerships with markets and suppliers to make a positive impact where we operate.

In keeping our aim, we have designed our "English for Young" project to increase English communication skills, positive thinking and international trade knowledge of young in areas where we source and high potential for developing trade in the country.

Course Details

Course Target: Age between 18-25 not limiting to age but prioritising young

Course Content: English Speaking for Business 80%, Positive Thinking 10%, International Trade Knowledge 10%

Course Duration: 15 Saturdays each day 3 hours

Facilities: Community Centres or Temples where Desks and Benches can be obtained

Trainer: School Teachers will be trained in each district for conducting English for the Business Module. Positive Thinking and International Trade Knowledge will be updated throughout and especially by visiting mentors

Printed Material: Will be provided a booklet of English, Positive Thinking and International Trade Knowledge

Rewards: Those who attend 100% will be awarded a certificate of participation.

Outcome: We will encourage, visioned, facilitate, fund, and link to international market for all those who will be actively engage with SilkPorts for developing their export business at the end of 15 weeks.

As usual all are free from SilkPorts smiley

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    W. A. Thimira Dinuruwan

    I'm 27 years old. But I like get improve my knowledge and knowing about export

    4 years ago