Everything about all types of cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon

Everything about all types of cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon

Since black pepper is the "King of Spices." cinnamon must hold an equal position because cinnamon is one of the most satisfactory and healthiest spices on the planet. Several types of cinnamon make both foods and beverages more delicious than any other artificial or natural flavors. The unique taste and aroma of the true cinnamon have a subdued, less bitter, and sweet finish. Also, most people love its sweet aromatic smell. 

How is cinnamon obtained?

Cinnamon, The inner bark of this evergreen tree should be cut and hammered safely to obtain sheets like cinnamon quills in both types of cinnamon. They are rolled to make cinnamon sticks and ground to make cinnamon powder. You can buy the best cinnamon quills, powder, or cinnamon sticks (cinnamon rolls) by placing orders online with trusted spice wholesalers worldwide. Try it here. Buy any amounts you need by placing an instant order or contacting the bulk spice suppliers. 

Types of cinnamon

If you are an amateur in cinnamon, you must have known about only one type of cinnamon or cassia. Sometimes you might think both are the same. Did you know that there are several types of cinnamon? Just like pepper, there are two major types based on where the cinnamon tree is grown. And the most exciting part is what everyone refers to as "true cinnamon" is "Ceylon Cinnamon." 

Cassia cinnamon vs. Ceylon cinnamon

Since the origination happened thousands of years ago, Sri Lankan people are still cultivating them commercially. So, if you need to buy Ceylon cinnamon, now you can place your order online from the largest spice dealer in the world. Try it here.

The main difference between these two types of cinnamon is cassia is darker brownish-red with a thicker, rougher texture.

The most favorable Ceylon cinnamon comes from the stunning central hills of Sri Lanka and from the coastal area to the inside of the country. Since the tree is native to the country, Sri Lanka is the world's largest Cinnamon supplier. You may have heard that many European Renaissance explorers came here to find spices, including cinnamon. 

When it comes to comparing the flavor of Ceylon cinnamon with cassia cinnamon, the demand answers with proofs. The taste and aroma of Ceylon Cinnamon are exceptionally mild and delicate - it sounds like "cinnamon," but it has soothing, almost floral notes. The use of cassia cinnamon is acceptable, but Ceylon cinnamon is worth a look, especially if you are a fan of cinnamon-flavored desserts.

Uses of cinnamon

In culinary

It is used to flavor curries of the Indian subcontinent, to taste Middle Eastern chicken and lamb, and to flavor Mexican chocolate and potatoes. Some western recipes which are popular around the world indispensably need cinnamon. They can include baked goods such as cinnamon rolls and cookies or hearty pies, powders, and cobblers with apples and pears—order cinnamon bulk from the trusted cinnamon suppliers to the international market. Make your restaurant recipes more delicious and popular with the best cinnamon in the world. Reach the best cinnamon suppliers here. Place your order instantly or contact the supplier.

Cinnamon tea is also a famous winter drink. The amazing pungent and mild taste of cinnamon refreshes your soul more than just having a cup of sugary milk tea. Consider distributing spicy cinnamon to your restaurants. Buy now your cinnamon bulk easily with a click. Reach the best cinnamon supplier here. You can contact the spice suppliers and get your bulk of cinnamon delivered to your doorstep after contacting them. Remember to use some honey or treacle when making a cup of cinnamon tea. Enjoy!

As a medicine

There are a lot of health benefits of cinnamon. Some of them are,

  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Lower the risk of type-2 diabetes
  • Solve the aging problems
  • Enhance the brain functions

These health benefits of cinnamon are obtained through the valuable compounds and the properties contained in cinnamon. They may include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial properties.

Otherwise, cinnamon oil has a high demand from both retail users and candy producers. Since cinnamon oil is an essential and food-grade oil, it can also be included in sugar-free gum, tea, hard candy, and commercially processed baked goods. So, the commercial producers of the products mentioned above can easily contact the best cinnamon suppliers here. If someone needs to deal with cinnamon, you can place your order or reach the best cinnamon wholesale here.