SilkPorts Your Brand to World Promotion

SilkPorts Your Brand to World Promotion

SilkPorts “Your Brand to World” promotion

Comparatively as a new brand in international market, it is inevitable to reach potential buyers and communicate your product and its quality to acquire market for your brand.


In discussion with potential consumers and business buyers, SilkPorts has realised that fast moving will start within the target market if and only if the brand is known to target group of buyers.


SilkPorts your brand to world promotion

In achieving above objective, we have designed “Your Brand to World” promotion which will be a Co-Promotion together with you.

How it works

We will start reaching potential buyers online and onsite with your brand/ products and physically deliver products to both consumers and business buyers who will have higher interest for repeated orders.

Delivery would be as Hampers with different mix to consumers and business buyers. For business buyers, this is a Sample purchase for testing with a feedback form and back link to your stores on SilkPorts for reorder.

Co-Promotion – Your marketing or sales force can also join with our promotion to the extent possible, also can use our promotion material and delivery channels hand in hand with us. We would use Social Media, SEO, Paid Marketing and SilkPorts exclusive agents network as resources apart from any allocated resources from your side if any.

Intended Promotion Period is 3 Months. We plan 3 promotions as follows:

1st Promotion - May 2021 end in July 2021

2nd Promotion - August 2021 end in October 2021

3rd Promotion - Nov 2021 end in January 2022


We have identified 5 regions which has more potential for Sri Lanka products to both Sri Lankans and foreigners as follows-

  • Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and neighbouring islands
  • USA and Canada
  • UK and Scandinavian Countries
  • UAE, Qatar, KSA and Oman
  • Japan


SilkPorts will organise shipping from Sri Lanka for hamper box.

There will not be any costs charge for this promotion and all hampers will be delivered on sales basis to potential customers on a price as low as potentially sellable though a new brand.

If you are interested to participate this Co-Promotion please let us know your selected items and countries/ regions you need us to include in this program.

We will discuss in detail upon your interest. +61415396206 WhatsApp / Mobile