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Citronella Oil

Form & Content

Citronella oil is made by steam distillation of certain species of the fresh grasses in the Cymbopogon group of plants. These plants are mainly grown in Sri Lanka and Indonesia and has been used as a natural medicinal remedy. Citronella oil gives out a rich and uplifting scent similar to lemon, and is often mistaken for Lemongrass. Citronella oil is mainly used to slow or prevent the growth and spread of harmful airborne bacteria.

Uses and Benefits

  • As a natural insect repellant, repels disease carrying mosquitoes, prevents body lice, head lice and domestic flies
  • As an anti-inflammatory and pain reducer its antioxidant properties and ability to increase blood flow linked with reduced pain. Also lessens pain or arthritis while improving joints, tissues and muscle pain. It helps to reduce swellings.
  • A fine Detoxification enhancer it is which increases sweating and urination which draw toxins out of the body. Eliminates excess fats, sodium, uric acid and toxins.
  • Do you know it is a Muscle relaxant a proven first aid to treat cramps, swelling and pain while improving blood flow that lower muscle spasms and tenderness
  • If you got pets and this works well as a pet controller. It calms barking dogs down , keeps pets off furniture, keeps furniture and linens free from bacteria, pests and odor
  • Control your anger and rage, it is works as a good relaxant and stress reducer, used in aromatherapy relaxes the mind and encourages better sleep
  • It helps your Digestive system to reduce inflammation, detoxes liver, stomach and gut, prevents bacteria growth in digestive tract. Also speeds up healing of illness and wounds and has the ability to kill organisms like parasites and worm in the intestines. Protects against leaky guy syndrome, autoimmune diseases and infections of the colon, urethra, bladder, gastrointestinal tract prostate and kidneys.
  • It has a good smell and can be used as a natural perfume or room spray also can be used as a deodorant in your home, dishwasher, fridge and laundry.
  • This has a magical skin care properties; it heals dermatitis, eczema, aging skin bug bite scars and fungal infections, speeds up wound healing, fights acne, warts, boils and age spots, blocks damage from sun exposure.
  • Good as a Natural shampoo and conditioner which cleanses and conditions hair and scalp, eliminates excess oil and greasiness of hair, fights dandruff and adds shine, adds volume to hair, untangle knots, protects hair color from sun damage
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