Indian Almond Leaves

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Indian almond leaves are popularly used to make your aquarium water more natural and better for your fish. They are used as an additional food source for small shrimp and fish. These leaves will also stain your water, giving your fish tank an unparalleled natural appearance that can really make your mini-ecosystem come to life.


Indian almond leaves naturally lower the pH balance in an aquarium. Not only that, but it helps to reduce carbonate hardness, which contributes to overall pH. Lower pH readings are ideal for many freshwater fish. These leaves are said to help combat fungus and bacterial problems like fin rot and can further help prevent fish from getting stressed by mimicking the water they are naturally found in. The Terminalia catappa tree grows throughout the tropical regions of Asia, Australia, and Africa

We can supply 20/40 leaves packets

We do not do your private lables

20 packets of 20 leaves,36 packes in a master carton

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