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About Us

Welcome to Kidsway Api (PVT) LTD. We are located in Sri lanka. We have been running this business for a long time. Kidsway api company want to give quality products for our customers. Always we trying to make happy our customers from our products. We are mainly focused nutritious products. Manly we provided Olu rice, Corn flour, Sesame seeds, Aggala flour etc.

What are the Nutrients?

Nutrients are substances required by the body to perform its basic functions. Most nutrients must be obtained from our diet, since the human body does not synthesize or produce them. Nutrients have one or more of three basic functions: they provide energy, contribute to body structure, and/or regulate chemical processes in the body. These basic functions allow us to detect and respond to environmental surroundings, move, excrete wastes, respire (breathe), grow, and reproduce.

There are six classes of nutrients required for the body to function and maintain overall health. These are: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, water, vitamins, and minerals. Nutritious foods provide nutrients for the body. Foods may also contain a variety of non-nutrients. Some non-nutrients such as as antioxidants (found in many plant foods) are beneficial to the body, whereas others such as natural toxins (common in some plant foods) or additives (like certain dyes and preservatives found in processed foods) are potentially harmful.

Our Products

We are specially produced high quality value added nutritious food products. Specially we manufactuered for based on kids. Supply the super natural products out from world best herbals and cinnamon without intermediate manufactures with super quality for economical prizes. And open for world wide agents to connect with us.

Benefits of Nutritious Products

  • May help you live longer.
  • Keeps skin, teeth, and eyes healthy.
  • Supports muscles.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Strengthens bones.
  • It prevents cancer. (corn flour)
  • It is good for the eyes and skin. (corn flour)
  • Boosts dental health.(sesame seeds)
  • Good for your thyroid health. ( sesame seeds)
  • Reduce body odour and body heat. (ranawara flower)
  • promotes blood circulation. (ranawara flower)
  • Gluten-free, 100% natural seeds. (water lily rice)
  • Gluten-free, 100% natural seeds. (kurakkan flour)

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