Fulfilment By SilkPorts (FBS)

Fulfilment By SilkPorts (FBS)

Fulfillment by SilkPorts

FBS is a service that allows businesses to outsource order fulfillment to SilkPorts. Businesses send products to SilkPorts fulfillment centers and when a customer makes a purchase, we pick, pack, and ship the order. We can also provide customer service and process returns for those orders.

You can obtain below services

1-Fulfilment for Direct Shippers and Dropshipers

2-Private Labling

3-Commercial Photography

1-Fulfilment for Directshipers and Dropshipers

You can obtain our fulfilment service to outsource your exporting process. We dont have MOQ so it supports starting exporters and small orders. This includes below sub services


You can rent space and accomade your products in our highly secured and commercial storage.

Picking and Packing

Your order will be paicked from store and pack to suit for commercial transport and your branding needs.

Export Certificates

Various export certificates will be obtained for your product in relation to your product and port of destination.


Export process will be handled by us under your business name or SilkPorts export licence as you agree with us.


2-Private Labling

We will private lable your product with your agreed packaging with foreign client. We can handle small or large orders to meet your needs. We have below packaging facilities

Polythene Packaging

Vaccum Packing


Induction Foil Sealer

PET and Glass Bottle Capping

Shrink Wrapping


Label Printing

3-Commercial Photography

We make all your commercial photography at our studio to match international level.

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